Transportation & Parking

Transportation and Parking

Traffic congestion is a huge problem for many parts of the district, in part because our district has much to offer and serves as connector for Boston, the suburbs and, through the airport, much of the world. I work closely with the Boston Transportation Department, MBTA and MassDOT to reduce traffic congestion and ensure our streets are safe and sustainable, and I will approach developers with an eye toward aligning new projects to meet city goals on accessing to housing, quality transportation and environmental sustainability.

I am particularly interested in assuring that any new development has a transportation infrastructure plan that is properly vetted by the community that will be forced to live with result.

Parking Policy

As a city councilor, I'm proud to advocate for parking solutions that reduce cars on the road while ensuring residents, health care workers, teachers and other critical employees can live and work in our community. I support advancing a pilot program for parking passes in our district, and believe we need to look to our sister cities such as Somerville and Cambridge to see how they have balanced on street parking with visitors.

In 2018, I supported increasing certain fines in order to fund transportation improvements and reduce parking abuses like double parking. I am happy to examine extended residential parking enforcement to 8pm and on the weekends.


Vision Zero

Each year, too many people are injured or die because our streets are not designed for the multiple modes of transit we enjoy today. In 2014, according to Vision Zero Boston, over 1200 people required emergency medical services because of a crash involving pedestrians, bicycles and/or motor vehicles. I support the Vision Zero goals of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. Reducing vehicle traffic, increasing bicycling infrastructure and supporting public transportation are several key parts to ensure this happens. Generally, I support integrated Complete Streets planning for making our communities more walkable and bikeable, and so that housing and business development align with our transportation and social goals.

Sustainable Transit

Public transportation is a huge driver for Boston’s economy and allows long-term residents, recent arrivals and visitors an opportunity to work, study, travel the city, enjoy our food and cultural offerings and much more. Public transportation also reduces traffic, air pollution and climate change and is a key part of our strategy to build a 21st-century sustainable city. We must continue to invest in public transportation and I will be a strong advocate for public transit, including subway, bus, ferry and rail services that bridge Boston with other parts of the state.

Electric vehicles and other sustainable modes of transportation are becoming increasingly affordable and are a huge part of our state’s future, but District One has few charging stations. With limited residential parking options, it’s critical we build the infrastructure needed to ensure our communities are “plugged in” to 21st-century travel.

The ferry is a unique part of Boston’s transportation network particular to District One. I support continued and increased ferry service, and will pursue options to attract more ferry riders by discounting service or increasing its connectivity with other transportation options.