Suffolk Downs

Suffolk Downs, the largest private development in Boston’s history, is a generational opportunity for us to right the wrongs of failed housing policy and build our middle class.


After a years-long process which included seven town halls hosted by my office to discuss the community’s priorities, the BPDA Board of Directors approved the project.


Here is what we fought for, and won, together:


These important victories are minimums that our community must continue to build upon. As it stands, too much of the housing is still unattainable for many East Boston residents or mismatched with the needs of East Boston families.


The process didn't end with the BPDA vote. The long fight holding the developer accountable for the next 20+ years starts now. East Boston has an activist heart. Whether it comes to Suffolk Downs, the Logan Airport, or a proposed electrical substation, we will always push for justice and equality.


For the next twenty years, East Boston will be fighting to ensure our new neighborhood is inclusive, welcoming to all, and a bridge to economic opportunity.