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Resolution in support of the Latina Circle earmark in state budget

Docket 0852

WHEREAS: The Latina Circle (TLC) is a Boston-based, non-profit social venture founded in 2012 with a goal of advancing Latina leaders across various industries into positions of power and influence; and,

WHEREAS: In 2017, TLC launched Amplify Latinx, a non-partisan, collaborative movement focused on significantly increasing Latino civic engagement and representation in elected and appointed positions, board and commissions, and in corporate leadership in Massachusetts; and,

WHEREAS: Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in Massachusetts representing over 11% of the population, and 20% of Boston’s residents. However, they are underrepresented in policy making roles, nonprofit boards and government offices; and,

WHEREAS: Recent data shows that in Massachusetts Latinos face the largest income and wealth gap in the country and that Latina women have the largest gender pay gap earning only 54 cent to the $1.00 earned by white men; and,

WHEREAS: Amplify Latinx is building a non-partisan coalition of Latinx leaders and organization that support a shared agenda for Latino upward mobility, and has held two collaborative conferences and four civic engagement trainings serving 500 Latinx leaders and engaging over 2,500 participants through events, newsletter, social media and website; and,

WHEREAS: The Latin Circle is seeking support from a variety of sources, including state funding to support their work; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT

RESOLVED That the Boston City Council supports the $150,000,00 amendment #1400 to the House of Representative FY19 budget filed by the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez and supports parallel efforts by Senators Joseph Boncore and Brendan Crighton for the purpose of establishing a Latinx civic engagement institute to build capacity for Latina Circle to grow and ampliS/programming across the Commonwealth.

Filed on: June 6, 2018

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