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Resolution to Support Restoration and Increase of Matching Funds for The Community Preservation Act.

Docket 0627

WHEREAS: In November 2016, a strong majority of Boston voters approved the Community Preservation Act (CPA), and;

WHEREAS: The Community Preservation Act provides municipalities with a unique instrument to finance housing, open space and historic preservations, and;

WHEREAS: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides matching funds to local CPA Projects via the Community Preservation Trust, a fund created by the Registry of Deeds filing fee; and,

WHEREAS: Boston has recently moved forward in implementing the Community Preservation act by forming a Community Preservation Committee and establishing an initial funding round, and;

WHEREAS: Boston is facing a housing crisis, necessitating new and expanded tools to address issues of affordability, displacement and homelessness, and;

WHEREAS: The Department of Revenue has recently estimated a record-low state match from the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund, and;

WHEREAS: When residents cannot find safe, stable and affordable housing, the City and State absorb the costs through emergency shelter, health care, housing court and other publicly funded systems, and;

WHEREAS: Increased matching funds for the Community Preservation Act would enhance the City of Boston’s ability to address the basic right to housing while enhancing the health and quality of the environment;


That the Boston City Council urges restoration and increase of state matching funds available through the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund and supports legislative amendments to accomplish this end, and that the City Clerk submit copies to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Senate President and the House and Senate Chairs of the Ways and Means Committees.

Filed in City Council: April 25th, 2018

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Wach April 25, 2019 BCC Meeting

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