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Resolution Supporting Boston Logan Airport Workers' Strike

Docket 0266

WHEREAS: Nearly 500 Logan Airport workers employed by JetBlue’s subcontractors FSS and ReadyJet have announced their intention to strike in the coming days, and;

WHEREAS: Subcontracted airport workers like wheelchair attendants, cabin cleaner, and customer service agents keep Boston Logan Airport up and running every day while making low wages and few, if any, benefits, and;

WHEREAS: Airport workers have been forced to file charges for illegal surveillance, threats and intimidation of workers who are organizing for workplaces changes, and;

WHEREAS: JetBlue’s subcontractors FSS and ReadyJet are repeat offenders of illegal, unfair labor practices and have been cited by Massachusetts and federal agencies, and;

WHEREAS: The higher wages, benefits and union representation that these airport workers are organizing for would benefit the families they support and the Boston communities that they are a part of, and;

WHEREAS: Workers in this country have a legal right to organize and shouldn't have to face illegal threats and intimidations when they do;


That the Boston City Council declares that airport workers in the city of Boston deserve the right to organize for improvements and rights on the job, free from surveillance, threats or acts of intimidation carried out by JetBlue’s subcontractors FSS and ReadyJET and all employers at our Boston Logan Airport.

Filed in City Council: February 7, 2018

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