Housing & Community Development Committee

Historic Victory for Housing Equity in Boston

Although there are many developments under construction or in the community review process, I will not support any large development proposal if it does not adhere to this new standard.


Just this month, my colleagues of the Boston City Council passed our historic amendment codifying equity into our zoning. The fair housing amendment will be the first of its kind in the country! It requires an equity lens in urban planning and development review. This amendment changes how we plan and requires for generations to come that all developers help create diverse, economically accessible, integrated neighborhoods.


We will be countering displacement, assuring robust community process, and requiring that developers contribute to build our neighborhoods home for families, tenants, homeowners regardless of their racial or financial background. The entire city of Boston has won because we now have the tools to define and shape our City's future and to undo some of the harms that bad zoning policy and process have caused.


We must plan for a city that is equitable and reflective of our diversity and this is a way for Boston to further fair housing as a federal requirement as well as a moral obligation. The current federal administration has decided to walk away from it, but the City of Boston is leaning in.


I am already telling developers they must adhere to the standards of this new amendment. For example, I've gotten commitments for Suffolk Downs and Bunker Hill in Charlestown. I will continue to push developers to do better and add more protections against displacement in the new year.