I am a proud product of public schools. Quality, free, local education is a necessity for any chance in today’s world. The public schools in District 1 are working hard at providing quality education, but students, parents and teachers need funding and support from our city government. I will be a champion for public education across the district and for all Bostonians.

Today, not everyone in Boston has access to a good education, and even those who do may not get it early enough. I support universal Pre-K for Boston students. Early education puts students in a safe, wholesome environment and frees parents to pursue career advancement or volunteer in their communities. I believe that so much of a school’s success depends on the resources and community that surrounds the schools. I support increasing after school programs, art and music classes. I also want to see an increase in vocational schooling for our high school students. Investing in “STEAM” education and vocational skills opens up opportunities for young Bostonians and enriches the talent pool in our city.

I support innovation in our school system to tackle the challenges facing our children and our school district. I am excited to bring everyone to the table to discuss how to improve quality of life for our kids. As a City Councilor I will happily learn from and work with educators, parents, students, nurses, school administrators and other stakeholders in public, private, and charter schools.