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North End

History of the North End

History of the North End

The North End, also known as Boston's "Little Italy", is a colorful and vibrant community rich in history and culture. This third of a square mile is considered to be Boston's oldest Residential Neighborhood that has been consistently inhabited since the 1630's. Famous and well - noted individuals have all walked along the tiny streets of the North End, including: Paul Revere, Cotton Mather, Tony DeMarco, John F. Fitzgerald and Rose Kennedy.

Though small, the North End still inhabits just over 10,000 residents in it's tightly packed streets and brick buildings. This neighborhood has seen waves of immigrants since its founding in the 1630's starting with a small African American Community between the 17th & 19th Century's. As the African American Community began to move out, a massive wave of Irish Immigrants came and settled in Boston's North end. Later, a small community of Jewish Immigrants settled in the North End. At the end of the 19th Century came a large wave of Italian Immigrants that migrated from Southern Italy and settled in Boston's North End. Since the late 1800's, Italian Immigrants have dominated this neighborhood.

The "old world" ambiance of neighborhood is what draws people from all over the world to the North End today. With nearly 100 different eating and small shop establishments, the North End is one of Boston's economic engines. The North End is also home to the famous Italian Summer Festivals that are held each weekend throughout the summer in honor of different patron saints.

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