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A Fresh Perspective, An Effective Advocate

A Fresh Perspective An Effective Advocate

Our communities face incredible social and economic challenges. I will be your advocate on the city council and will fight for a Boston where everyone––landlords and renters, business owners and workers, teachers and students, parents and children, the young and our elders––can thrive.

I have a proven record in the courts, in city hall and in communities for improving day-to-day living conditions of Boston residents and workforce. As a community organizer I passed sweeping legislation on economic dignity by bringing industry and activists together. Having worked in city government I know what it takes to assure a community is well-represented and has access to the resources it needs. I know when to go “toe to toe” with developers, big banks, our local government, and casinos and when to invite stakeholders to the table to discuss collaborative solutions for our everyday problems. It’s a delicate balance, but today we need that kind of advocacy more than ever.

As your Councilor, I will sustain and improve quality education for every student, and take on the chronic underfunding of our education system. I will fight for the homeless and tenants’ rights while ensuring property owners and landlords have the resources to stay in place, rehabilitate their properties and build wealth. I will build up pathways for business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs to bring their talents to our local economy, and ensure that when they retire, they can leave their companies in good hands. I will ensure our city leads in efforts to combat climate change, and I will work to make sure every child in the district has a safe and clean park to play in. Finally, I will push city hall so that District One residents have greater control of development in our communities.

updated: 1 year ago