About Lydia

Lydia Edwards is a proven leader and innovator who gets results. As an attorney she drafted and passed legislation to protect women workers and led a department of city government on the day-to-day issues facing Bostonians in housing and economic development.


As a homeowner and landlord, Lydia understands the hard work and sacrifice it takes to build a home in this district. She wants to assure our children have pathways to stable jobs, home ownership, and are able call Boston their home in the future. Lydia’s mother, a veteran, instilled in Lydia a sense of service to her community. Today, Lydia is one of the founding members of East Boston’s Community Soup Kitchen.

Lydia lives with her husband, a small business owner, in East Boston and looks forward to using her innovative leadership to ensure opportunity, good schools, safe streets, and a strong local economy for the communities of East Boston, Charlestown and the North End.

Upcoming Events

  • Harborview for Lydia Edwards

    Please join Kevin Franck and Stephen Stetak for a meet and greet in the Harborview neighborhood of East Boston.


  • An Independent Voice

    Our communities face incredible social and economic challenges. I will be your advocate on the city council and will fight for a Boston where everyone––landlords and renters, business owners and workers, teachers and students, parents and children, the young and our elders––can thrive.

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  • Housing & Development

    I am proud to be a small property owner. I understand the pride one feels in owning a home, and the stress many property owners have when dealing with with late rent payments or no payments at all.

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  • Education

    I am a proud product of public schools. Quality, free, local education is a necessity for any chance in today’s world. The public schools in District 1 are working hard at providing quality education, but students, parents and teachers need funding and support from our city government. I will be a champion for public education across the district and for all Bostonians.

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  • Transportation and Parking

    Traffic congestion is a huge problem for many parts of the district, in part because our district has much to offer and serves as connector for Boston, the suburbs and, through the airport, much of the world. I will work closely with the Boston Transportation Department, MBTA and MassDOT to reduce traffic congestion and ensure our streets are safe and sustainable, and I will approach developers with an eye toward aligning new projects to meet city goals on accessing to housing, quality transportation and environmental sustainability.

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For City Council, District 1: Lydia Edwards